Cookie policy

This website uses cookies. This policy provides information on why we use cookies and how you can manage them.

  1. What is a cookie?

    A “cookie” is a file of a limited size, which generally consists of letters and numbers and is sent by an Internet server to the browser’s cookie file, located on your computer hard drive (or another device connected to the Internet, such as a smartphone or tablet) when you view this website. 
A cookie generally includes the name of the website that it comes from, its lifecycle (the time period for which it remains on your device) and a value, which is generally a randomly generated unique number.
    Two types of cookies may be used: temporary cookies and permanent cookies. Temporary cookies are automatically deleted at the end of your browsing session. Permanent cookies remain on your device for longer, for a duration of time that is specific to each cookie, and remain valid until their expiry date (unless they are deleted by the user beforehand).
    Cookies may be used by web servers to identify and monitor users as they browse the various pages of a website and to identify users who return to their website.
    The cookies do not contain information that allow you to be personally identified but some personal information about you, which is stored by Ontex, may be related to the information stored in the cookies and obtained from them. For further information on how your personal data is processed, please view our Privacy policy
  2. Why does this website use cookies?

    Many of the cookies from this website carry out essential functions or services that you have requested or allow us to ensure security, as indicated in the table below.
    Ontex and its service suppliers may use cookies to gather aggregate data in order to ensure the proper management of its website and improve browsing on its website. We can use these devices to monitor information on our systems and identify the categories of visitors according to elements such as the IP address, domain, type of browser and pages viewed. This information is transmitted to our webmasters who use them to analyse the number of visitors at different sections of the website and to ensure that our website remains a useful and effective source of information.
  3. What type of cookies does this website use?

    The table below lists the different types of cookies that Ontex uses on this website, as well as their purpose(s) and lifecycle.

    a. Functional cookies

    These cookies allow the website to function in an optimal manner. You may decline them and delete them via your browser’s settings. However, This may negatively affect your user experience.

    Cookie name Cookie purpose Cookie duration
    Authentication cookie: JESSIONID This cookie defines a single session login name and allows the storage of a user status related to page requests. Session
    Preferences cookie: compliance cookie This cookie allows us to store cookies that have been accepted by the user. Session
    Footprints This cookie allows us to monitor products being viewed. 13 months

    b. Analytical cookies

    In order to adapt the website to the needs of its visitors, we use Google Analytics to measure the number of visits, number of pages viewed, the activity of our website visitors and the frequency at which they return. Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google, Inc. (Google). This tool generates the following cookies:

    Cookie name Cookie purpose Cookie duration
    _utmb This cookie allows a user session to be created and continued. Session
    _utmc This cookie allows us to determine whether or not the user requires a new session to be created. Session
    _utmt This cookie indicates the type of a request. Session
    _utmz This cookie allows us to store the type of route used by the visitor to reach a website. 6 months

    Further information on this topic is available at

    You can choose to decline cookies and the statistical analysis of your browsing data, using your browser settings in order to disable cookies or save them only if you have authorized them beforehand. If you decline the cookies, you will not have access to all of our offers in a fully functional manner.

  4. Does this website use third-party cookies?

    Ontex uses a certain number of suppliers who may also add cookies to your device when you view the website in order to deliver their services. If you wish for further information about these cookies and the procedure in order to no longer receive these cookies, please view the privacy policy listed below:

    Cookie name Cookie purpose Cookie duration
    Google AdWords conversion tracking Google uses cookies to help companies who buy advertisements from Google to determine how many people, who click on their advertisement, end up buying their products. The conversion tracking cookie is only added to your browser when you click on an advertisement published by Google, for which the advertiser has chosen to track conversions. These cookies do not contain information that can identify you personally. If this cookie has not yet expired when you view some of the advertiser’s webpages then it will be able to determine that you have accessed this page by clicking on the advertisement. Each advertiser receives a different cookie and so advertiser websites do not share any cookies. If you wish to disable the conversion tracking cookies then you can configure your browser to block cookies from the domain. You must also disable all cookies to cancel the mobile conversion tracking. This is because there are currently no domain-specific settings for iOS and Android mobile browsers. Further information on this topic is available at: 30 days

    When you view the website, you may receive third-party domain or website cookies. Ontex does not control the addition of these cookies. Please view the website of the third party in question for further information regarding these cookies. The third party must provide you with information regarding the cookies added and obtain your authorization before adding cookies to your device.

  5. How can you manage the cookies used by the website?

    If you wish to decline the use of cookies by the website or if you wish to delete or authorize new cookies on your device then you can modify your browser settings in order to block the cookies or to alert you when cookies are sent to your device. Cookies may be managed in different ways. Please refer to your browser’s instructions for further information on how to set or modify your browser’s settings:
    – Internet Explorer:

    – Chrome:

    – Firefox:

    – Safari:
    If you disable cookies used by the website or delete the cookies that were already installed on your device by the website then this may affect you when you browse the website (for example, you may not be able to view certain parts of the website or receive personalized information when you view the website).
  6. Update to the current Cookies Policy

    In the event that Ontex modifies its practices regarding cookies, these modifications shall be incorporated into an updated version of the present policy. We will also inform you of these modifications by updating the date of entry into force at the top of this policy. Ontex reserves the right to modify this policy periodically in order to take into account technological progress, changes in legislation and regulations and good commercial practices, without prejudice to your rights within the framework of current legislation.